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I guess some people

I guess some people love the challenge of being a stranger in a strange land and some would not even contemplate it. I have always regretted not teaching overseas when I had the chance – its a fantastic opportunity to see a culture from the inside!

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Oh my gosh, that has

Oh my gosh, that has got to be the sweetest thing I have read in quite some time. I sure hope she gets here soon too! She’ll (or he’ll) be very well loved!

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I’m sorry, but

I’m sorry, but REVOLUTION sucks.I like Billy Burke. He always does good work, but this looks like a cleaned up CW version of Walking Dead minus the zombies. Everyone’s too pretty. Every location screams HOLLYWOOD SET!

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wait as she moves th

wait as she moves the treat closer and if we try to snatch it she says no and we start again – I picked up on this really fast and even her previous Goldens learnt it (One of them, George used to try to take her finger as well as the treat as a pup, but he became super gentle too using this method).I hope it helps,Your pal Snoopy

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June 2nd 2011 - 1:36

June 2nd 2011 - 1:36amI adore Nunn designs, but I also love the vintage romantic look of these treasures. I am attracted to them because they remind me of time gone by. Time spent with my grandmother, the beauty of antique crystal, and the hand seems to be reaching into that past to hold on to the memory. Thank you for posting the giveaway.

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One brave duck, you

One brave duck, you can find a roti mesh/similar to a cake rack at an Indian kitchen store on Gerrard Street. Try Kohinoor Kitchenwares there.

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Quit waffling. Is yo

Quit waffling. Is your argument about “justice” or is it a realist one?If it is about “justice” kindly return Florida to the Seminoles. New Jersey to the Lenapes and gove the Plain States back to Sitting Bull’s and Geronimo’s descendants.

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I’m not sure w

I’m not sure why but this site is launching extremely slow personally. Is other people having this challenge or can it be a issue on our end? I’ll check back later if the problem nonetheless exists.

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