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Tara you are brillia

Tara you are brilliant! I am just starting to educate myself in this as I am currently involved in a coaching program and plan to launch my biz about this time next year. I am getting so much out of what you write. Thank you! You are so sassy and smart!

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No thanks I wouldnt

No thanks I wouldnt waist my preciuos time lon that trashs webpages..her knowing The usa disaproves is excellent sufficient! what a crock of liberal crap and this can be the exact same trash thats mantra is seX dont cause AIDS a Virus does! dumbasses and you receive that virus HOW! perhaps not obtaining SEX would’ve saved the lives of 150,000 aids paitents today..?

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When the jimmy savil

When the jimmy savile story first broke google was deleting every piece about savile with boys, they just allowed through the stories of savile with girls, we figured that it would overturn the governmental homosexual agenda, so they stopped all items on this dead in its tracks

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Doc B,Thanks for you

Doc B,Thanks for your comment. Nate has really done us a favor by expressing the attitude toward small churches that exists throughout the leadership of the SBC and within SBC megachurches.Thanks for the advice. We will certainly try to address that potential issue.Les

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. And it makes me ha

. And it makes me happy with the way that I am doing things even when my little ones are at a young age.[] Reply:December 29th, 2011 at 9:49 pmI’m not surprised you’re doing everything right. The key is to keep doing it through every stage.[]

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lol. I know exactly

lol. I know exactly what you mean. I purchased a succulent plant (a very very small one) about 2 years ago, and never believed it would get that much bigger. It has now completely taken over the spot it has been planted and even grown out about 3 feet!

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I guess some people

I guess some people love the challenge of being a stranger in a strange land and some would not even contemplate it. I have always regretted not teaching overseas when I had the chance – its a fantastic opportunity to see a culture from the inside!

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Oh my gosh, that has

Oh my gosh, that has got to be the sweetest thing I have read in quite some time. I sure hope she gets here soon too! She’ll (or he’ll) be very well loved!

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