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The Israeli politici

The Israeli politicians are not stupid. They are trying to hold on tho their power. Given the reality of birth rates, if religious Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria continue to exist, the "settlers" will rule Israel within two generations. Therefore the Israeli politicians must destroy the Jewish communities that threaten them. End of story.This is why Israel keeps going along with the charade. It's not about peace, it's about getting rid of the Jews. The entire Oslo process has only this goal in mind and nothing else.

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first-rate site&#823

first-rate site…So now i’ll be always discovering because of one, as I’m trying to achieve our goals. As my own spouse in addition to i absolutely consider satisfaction in studying everything is often written on your own site. Support the data articles increasing. A…

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Wow! More amazing p

Wow! More amazing photos! I had to smile when I read your remarks about Tepper electric. Jason got to know them quite well during the 2007 Solar Decathlon, and also found them to be great to work with.

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oh man. don’t

oh man. don’t let paddy blow up the house, i’m already counting down for some tauna time and i’ll be so disappointed to come and visit a big gaping crater instead of you…

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..."Not sure I

..."Not sure I like this one, Daniel be careful, it's something that white power would like. White America is not something that was good for Jews."What does this mean? You don't want the truth told cause it will supposedly have a negative impact on you and yours?

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We are just leaving

We are just leaving for Hawaii and I am planning to take lots of photos and videos. So I promise, you will have them and will see our lovely place!Greets,

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on Salam bro eins,b

on Salam bro eins,bro minat ke main game komputer?Saya tak taulah kenapa tak suka.Walaupun tengok ramai yang semin meminatinya,tetapi hati saya belum terbuka untuk mencubanya.

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Sounds as though the

Sounds as though the mix of venue and audience and content - plus Helena's own enthusiasm - was just right, and a model for more timid authors to follow! Looks a great new seriesthat will really attract readers.

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